Monday, 1 December 2008

Tenerife’s tragic genius – Óscar Domínguez

As part of their inaugural exhibitions, TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes) has devoted floor space to the Island’s most famous artist, Óscar Domínguez and some of his peers.

Like many talented artists, Domínguez was a tortured soul and his life was as colourful as his surreal images. Tragically his life ended prematurely, by his own hand, an act he had predicted in one of his early paintings.

If you’ve never heard of him, and even if you have, it’s worth making the trip to gain an insight into the mind and work of Tenerife’s talented, but troubled genius.

Venue: TEA, Avda. de San Sebastián, 10
Dates: Until 6th September 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi, we saw a screening of the movie Óscar. Una pasión surrealista tonight, and I subsequently found your blog. I have never heard of him before until I found out about the movie. Too bad Tenerife is a bit far to visit, or I would definitely pay a visit to the museum.

Real Tenerife said...
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Real Tenerife said...

Haven't seen that; although I'd like to. I first heard about Óscar Domínguez
when I was researching an article about the sculpture route in Santa Cruz and then started to notice his style in other works in La Laguna and Tacoronte.

He was a fascinating character.