Tuesday, 9 December 2008

In search of Tenerife’s best belénes – Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz looks as though it’s aiming for the title of the town with the most belénes in one location. The historic Casa Ventoso on Calle Iriarte is the location of an exhibition of a number of belénes which is open to the public until 6th January 2009.

The antique building’s courtyard has been turned into a life-sized belén which, in our opinion, is a bit on the dodgy looking side. However, the smaller belénes in the rooms which lead from the courtyard are excellent and full of humorous little touches. A couple of them chart a day in the life of a village complete with sunsets and starlit nights when the little model houses light up to reveal domestic scenes inside little windows. Sound effects accompany the changes (e.g. a cockerel crows to announce the dawn, a mother sings a lullaby as darkness falls) just in case you thought that the electricity had been cut off.

It’s absolutely charming.

Entrance: free
Opening hours: 10-14.00 & 17.00-21.00

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