Monday, 31 August 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – Fiesta de la Virgen de los Remedios – Tegueste

Another virgin, another fiesta; it’s that time of year when boats sail up Tegueste’s main street which is no mean feat as Tegueste isn’t actually on the coast.

Another lovely little town off the tourist beaten track, the ‘boats’ are on display in town at midday on Saturday 5th September. The fun continues throughout the day with horsemen, a parade of decorated floats, traditional bands and generally a party until the wee small hours.

Festivals on Tenerife – Nuestra Señora de la Luz, Los Silos

The Fiestas de la Luz started in August, but the main events take place during September. Despite being one of the North West coast’s most picturesque towns, Los Silos still doesn’t really make it on to the tourist trail (probably because tour buses can’t negotiate its narrow streets). Quite a bohemian little town, fiestas here are full of creativity and unique touches; the town’s biggest fiesta lasts from 1st August till mid September with the main events taking place this coming weekend.

Friday 4th September, Traditional Music Festival, 2100, Municipal Auditorium

Saturday 5th September, exhibition of traditional games and sports in Plaza de la Luz, 11.00: Art and Music Festival followed by a dance, Plaza de la Luz, 22.00

Sunday 6th September, Dog Show, Juan Valiente stadium, 11.00: Children’s Day, Plaza de la Luz, 16.00, Concert - 5 Centuries of Music, San Sebastián Convent, 19.30

Monday 7th September, Grand Dance from Midnight in Plaza de la Luz

Tuesday 8th September, closing parade, 17.00 followed by music and dance concert at 21.00

Sport on Tenerife – Tour de Tenerife, LIV Vuelta Ciclista Isla de Tenerife

This week Tenerife becomes one big circuit for cyclists with the ‘Vuelta Ciclista a la Isla de Tenerife’.

Lots of guys, and possibly a few girls, will be lycra-ing up and racing along Tenerife’s highways and byways over the next few days. Great if you’re a cycling fan… a pain in the streamlined butt if you’re trying to get anywhere that’s on the cyclists’ route (Arona - Candelaria, Santa Cruz - San Andrés – La Laguna, El Sauzal - Santiago del Teide).
The ‘tour de Tenerife starts on La Gomera on the 2nd September and finishes on Tenerife on 6th September.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Events in Tenerife – Bavarian Week in Puerto de la Cruz

The Bavarian Week (Semana Bávara) gets going in earnest from tomorrow with concerts in and around Puerto de la Cruz by the Bavarian orchestra, Die Lustigen Egerlaender. The highlight of Bavarian Week is the beer festival in Plaza Europa on Saturday 5th September from 19.00.

Entrance ticket is €10 which entitles you to ONE DRINK & ONE RATION OF FOOD.

Friday 28/08, 20:15, Iglesia Peña de Francia
Saturday 29/08, 21:00, Avda. Colón / Avda. Venezuela
Sunday 30/08, 12:00, Lago Martiánez
Tuesday 1/09, 20:00, Playa Jardín
Wednesday 02/09, 17:00, Hotel Tigaiga & at 1900 at Supermercado 2000, La Paz
Thursday 03/09, 21:00, Plaza del Charco

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Best Place to Buy Goodies on Tenerife – Pinolere 2009

I hate to mention the X word when we’re still in the midst of summer, but the Pinolere craft fair in La Orotava will have so many goodies on offer that it’s too good a chance to miss out on some early and unique Xmas shopping (aaargh, there I’ve gone and done it).

It’s a beautiful location, set in and around the thatched huts of the ethnological museum in the green upper reaches of La Orotava and there really will be some cracking stuff to pick. Stalls are packed with artisan crafts ranging from hand painted shoes and jewellery to local produce and eclectic ornaments.

Apart from the stalls there are craft work exhibitions, musical performances and entertainers. It’s a good day out even in you don’t buy anything

Dates: 4th, 5th and 6th September

Times: From 10.00 to 21.00

Price: There’s usually a charge of a few euros to enter the fair.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – Corazones de Tejina (Hearts of Tejina)

One of the more unusual fiestas on Tenerife takes place in the northern town of Tejina in La Laguna. The Corazones de Tejina are three large hearts, created from fruit and vegetables and adorned with images made from pastry, which are paraded through the town and erected in the plaza outside the church.

After that it’s a free for all as the ‘heart makers’ insult rival's hearts in a sort of ‘Don’t go slating my heart’ fest.

The hearts themselves are beautiful creations and the area around the church is a charming location for Tenerife’s fruitiest fiesta.

Dates: The Corazones de Tejina are part of the Fiestas de San Bartolomé de Tejina which takes place between the 21st August and the 1st September. The Hearts of Tejina ceremony takes place on Sunday 30th August.

Time: Make sure you’re there for midday.

Festivals on Tenerife – Goymar Fest 2009 in Güímar

If, like me, you sometimes feel like you’re banging your head against a wall on Tenerife, head for El Puertito de Güímar on Saturday for some bona fide headbanging of a more enjoyable type – Goymar (I suppose a sort of Tinerfeño version of a West Country way of saying Güímar) is Tenerife’s biggest Heavy Metal Music festival.

The bands Blood, Thrashtorno, Disomnia, Gemitus Mortis, Hybris, Zen, Sinestesia, Soundchaser, Wickedness and Hollow Core are going to rock the port from 14.00 until 02.00 at the basketball court beside the Club Nautico.

Nice and convenient if you happen to be one of El Puertito’s summer campers – but maybe not if you’re one that doesn’t happen to be into heavy metal.

If you want an idea of what it’s going to be like, check out this link – the people dancing don’t seem to be to be very co-ordinated as they seem to keep bumping into each other.

Price: Free.

Events on Tenerife – Ride Your Roads 2009

This is the weekend for slipping on the leathers and heading into the countryside astride a growling two wheeled monster… or not if you don’t happen to own a two wheeled monster.

The oddly named (because it’s in English) 'Ride Your Roads' event sees thousands of motor cyclists congregate in La Orotava before heading off around the Island; a biker’s army filling the roads with their mechanical steeds.

It’s quite a sight to see, there’ll no doubt be the odd (literally) gorilla on a motorbike and other unusual creatures, but it is not a day for planning a leisurely drive in the countryside if you’re in a car.

There will be thousands of bikes and they take it easy on their journey around Tenerife, so if you get caught up in the rally, be prepared for a long wait.

If you’re a biker, no worries, it’ll be a blast.

Now if I can only convince them all that a copy of Island Drives will enhance their trip around the island...

Location: Centre of La Orotava

Date: Sunday 23rd August

Time: Leaving La Orotava at 10.00, returning at approx. 17.00

Price: To enjoy the full range of activities on offer it’s €25 for bikers and €15 for passengers.

See Tinerguia’s website here for more details (in Spanish only)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Festivals on Tenerife – Aquazone and White Night Sensation in Puerto de la Cruz

In keeping up the tradition of having some sort of musical festival every other weekend over the summer, Puerto de la Cruz’ latest is the probably self explanatory ‘Aquazone’. The festival poster promises music, party, lots of water and more music throughout the day before transforming into White Sensation Night after dark where the only remit is to turn up dressed all in white for a night full of surprises. Sounds like good clean fun to me.

Date: Friday 5th September

Location: Beside Casa Aduana at the harbour, Puerto de la Cruz

Time: Aquazone from midday, White Sensation Night from 22.00

Cost: Looks like it’s all free

Friday, 14 August 2009

Events on Tenerife – XI Drag Queen Festival in Bajamar

Funny, I can’t say that I would have ever pictured Bajamar on Tenerife’s north coast as a likely venue for a drag queen festival, but there you go, I’ve still got an awful lot to learn about this island. Next I’ll be hearing that Taganana is the ‘swingers’ centre of Tenerife.

There’s a whole show planned with drag queens, singers, dancers, illusionists and DJs and it’s all free… unless you want a seat in which case it’ll cost you €2

Location: Open air swimming pools, Bajamar

Date: Friday 14th August

Time: 23.00

Fiestas on Tenerife – Virgen de Candelaria in Alcalá

Don’t forget that you can see one of the biggest firework displays on Tenerife’s fiesta calendar tomorrow night. The charming fishing village of Alcalá on the south west coast holds its celebrations in honour of the Virgen de Candelaria and the firework display which is part of the proceedings is not to be missed.

Events on Tenerife – Gay Pride Week in Puerto de la Cruz

There’s a great line-up of events to celebrate Gay Pride Week in Puerto de la Cruz next week.

From the opening ceremony on Monday night to the closing parade the following Sunday there’s plenty of outrageous fun and frolics as well as some more serious messages.

With events like underwear fashion shows, ‘Pink Karaoke’, the ‘pink fiesta’ in various bars, beauty ‘queen’ competitions and ‘nudist day’ it sounds like great fun.

But shhh, don’t tell some of Puerto’s more mature winter visitors who think Puerto’s a sedate town… if only they knew what went on in summer months - come to think of it, it still goes on in winter months as well but long after they've had their Horlicks and gone to bed...

Dates: Monday 17th August to Sunday 23rd August

Full Agenda (in Spanish)
Lunes 17 de Agosto:

17:00 Desfile de diferentes batukadas por el Puerto de la Cruz. Llegada a la Plaza de Europa.
18:00 Ceremonia de Izado de la bandera representativa del orgullo LGTB.
19:30 - 00:00 Fiesta de Bienvenida en la Plaza Europa.

Martes 18 de Agosto:

11:00 “Patea el Puerto”. Salida desde la Playa Martianez.
18:00 Taller Afectivo-Sexual (UNAPRO): Plaza del Charco.
20:00 Charla-Coloquio en el IEHC. Calle Quintana. Emilio Gómez. “Bulling homofóbico”
22:00 Cine en el Lago Martianez. Temática LGTB. “Vivere” y “Coffe date”.

Miércoles 19 de Agosto:

11:00 Gimnasia en la calle: Plaza de los Reyes Católicos.
11:00 - 14:00 Emisión de radio “Music FM” en el Pub Robin Hood.
14:00 - 17:00 “Tea Dance”, Danza del Té, en el Pub Robin Hood.
18:00 Taller Afectivo-Sexual (Cruz Roja Española): Plaza del Charco.

Noche íntima:
19:00 Concurso de cócteles en La Suite.
Desfile de moda (ropa interior) en La Suite.
22:00 - 00:00 “Ess Essentials”, desfile de ropa interior en el Pub Robin Hood.
23:00 Cine en el Lago Martianez. Temática LGTB. “Vida de familia” y “A four letter word”

Jueves 20 de Agosto:

11:00 Gimnasia en la calle: Aqua Gym: Lago Martianez.
16:00 - 22:00 Día Nudista. 10 € por persona. Sauna Laurent. Calle Iriarte.
18:00 - 21:00 Taller de Caracterización y Maquillaje. Espacio de La Aduana. Épsylon.
19:00 Teatro en la calle. Punta del Viento.
20:00 Charla-Coloquio IEHC. Calle Quintana. Eugenia San Gil. “Dificultades en el entorno escolar”
21:30 Gala Reinas de la Belleza 2009. Plaza de Europa. Entrada 3 €.

Viernes 21 de Agosto:

11:00 Gimnasia en la calle: Plaza Reyes Católicos.
19:00 Teatro en la calle. “Teatro K2”. Plaza del Charco.

Noche Rosa:
21:00 - 00:00 “Pink Karaoke” (Karaoke rosa): Pub Robin Hood.
19:00 Fiesta Rosa en diversos bares de ambiente de Puerto de la Cruz. Vampis, Ánderson, Despanto, Majestic, La Suite, Angelus, La Gramola, Bar Cervecería Cimaï café…

Sábado 22 de Agosto:

11:00 Gimnasia en la calle: Plaza Reyes Católicos.
14:00 - 22:00/ 00:00 - 05:00 Sauna Babilón. Calle Blanco.
19:30 Exhibición de Grupos Coreográficos de Puerto de la Cruz. Primer escenario: Plaza Reyes Católicos. Segundo Escenario: Espacio Aduana. Grupos. Épsylon, Mohana, Zulú, Renacer Bohemio, Hespérides, Bella Calima.
20:00 “My boy lollipop” Pub Robin Hood.
22:00 - 3:00 Fiesta de blanco. Lago Martianez. Entrada 5 €.

Domingo 23 de Agosto:

11:00 Gimnasia en la calle: Plaza de los Reyes Católicos.
18:00 Manifestación del Orgullo LGTB 2009. Salida Avenida Familia Betancourt y Molina, hasta la Plaza de los Reyes Católicos, pasando por la Avenida de Colón. Carrozas, Batukadas, zancudos y muchas sorpresas a lo largo del recorrido, bajo el lema: “Año de la diversidad Afectivo-Sexual en la educación”.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Two Moons for Tenerife – A Once in a Lifetime Experience

You really don’t want to miss this one. At half past midnight on the 27th August, turn your eyes to the heavens for a Sc-fi experience when two moons will grace the night skies above Tenerife.

Two moons is obviously an impossibility, so what’s going on?

Apparently Mars will be so close to earth and so bright that it’ll look like a full moon.

This really is a once in a lifetime experience as the next time it’s predicted this might happen is in 2287.

WOW, or what?

Apparently it's a "what"... it would seem that this is an annual 'hoax'. Either the Cabildo have also been fooled, or else the observatories on Tenerife know something the BBC doesn't. D'oh!

Fiestas on Tenerife – The Virgen de Candelaria

Even as I type, pilgrims are making their way along Tenerife’s senderos and through the pine forests to pay homage to the ‘black madonna’ as part of the celebrations in honour of the patron saint of the Canary Islands, the Virgen de Candelaria.

There are events throughout the week, but probably the most interesting for visitors take place on Friday 14th August.
At 16.00 there’s a romería starting at Punta Larga and finishing at the Basilica. Then at 20.15 there’s one of the highlights of the celebrations, the annual re-enactment illustrating how the Virgen de Candelaria arrived on Tenerife and became venerated by the Guanche before any Christian missionaries ever set foot on the island. It’s a bit of a hoot – a sort of Laurel and Hardy in goat skins and doesn’t really portray the Guanche as being the brightest sparks on the planet (well they were still running around in animal furs and living in caves at the end of the 15th century). The re-enactment’s followed by a firework display and Chago Melián singing ‘Ave Maria’ – and he usually does it beautifully, so pack some extra hankies.

Click Here for the full agenda

Fiestas on Tenerife – Romería de San Roque, Garachico

One of the nicest romerías on Tenerife takes place this coming weekend in Garachico.

The picturesque little town provides the perfect setting for scores of decorated carts, goats, donkeys, ponies and Tinerfeños looking fab in their brightly coloured traditional costumes for the Romería de San Roque.
The town does get very busy and parking is a nightmare. Our tip is that as soon as you see other people parking their cars, follow suit… even if you’re still a couple of kilometres from the town.

Oh, and don’t forget your ‘vaso de romería’ unless you want to miss out on all the free flowing wine.

Date: Sunday 16th August

Time: From around 13.00 (mas o menos)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sport on Tenerife – IV Prueba Circuito Canario de Bodyboard 2009

There’s clearly a lot going on in La Caleta this weekend as it’s also the location for the IV Canaries Bodyboard competition on Friday and Saturday. Anyone who likes water sports, but doesn’t want to get their feet wet can sit back on dry land and enjoy the sight of others performing impressive aquatic acrobatics, or being wiped out.

There are prizes of €2000 worth of surf gear for those who think they’ve got what it takes to master the waves.

Click here for more details (Spanish Only)

Fiestas on Tenerife – Virgen del Carmen in La Caleta

If you’re anywhere near the western end of Costa Adeje this weekend why not try something different and mosey along to the little fishing hamlet of La Caleta where they’re holding the traditional fishermen’s fiesta in honour of the Virgen del Carmen. There are events taking place between now and Monday 10th August, but the main procession with the Virgen del Carmen takes place on Saturday night from 21.00 followed by a firework display and a couple of traditional live bands.

There’s a jazz band tonight and a parade and more live music on Friday and another procession on Sunday – See here for the full agenda.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Festivals on Tenerife - AguaViva 2009 Musical Line-Up

We mentioned in a previous blog that AguaViva was going ahead, but like the Eolica Festival, it’s a pared down version, musically anyway.

Spanish readers are likely to be more familiar with most of the short line up which consists of Amaral (pop rock mixed with Latino and a touch of folk), We Are Standard (euphoria punk funk), Line (local band), Ramón Domínguez & Adyacentes (salsa, reggae, bolero & meringue mix) and DT Project (scouse house music – I think).

Not quite the big names of previous years and the poster is nowhere near as sexy, but still it’s worth checking out.

Location: The main concert takes place on Saturday 29th August at the Escenario Océano Atlántico next to the Los Cristianos Stadium at 21.00.

Tickets: €15

There are other events planned as part of the festival. See the full agenda here.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Circus on the Streets of Tenerife – Arona

Look out for strange looking people with big red noses in the plazas in Arona during the first two weeks of August (the obvious joke here is just to easy).

Arona con el Circo sees little bits of circus magic being acted out on the streets around the municipality between the 3rd and 13th of August.

Monday 3rd. 19:00. Variekey. Plaza de la Iglesia, Buzanada.

Martes 4th. 19:00. Variekey. Plaza de la Iglesia, El Fraile.

Wednesday 5th. 19:00. Jesús Rojo Super Magic. Plaza next to the Asociación de Vecinos, Guaza.

Thursday 6th. 19:00. Toby Show. Plaza next to the Centro Cultural, Parque La Reina.

Friday 7th. 21:00. Circo Chino. Plaza de la Iglesia, Los Cristianos.

Saturday 8th. 19:00. Aerflot. Plaza de la Trujilla, Cabo Blanco.

Sunday 9th. 21:00. Aerflot. Ramblas de Las Galletas.

Tuesday 11th. 19:00. Aerflot. Plaza de la Iglesia, Valle San

Wednesday 12th. 19:00. Aerflot. Plaza de la Iglesia, La Camella.

Thursday13th. 19:00. Variekey. In the street next to the Asociación de Vecinos, Flor del Sur (Guargacho).

We don’t really know what each of these will involve, but these things are usually good fun, so if you’re in any of the areas above at the times stated have a look out for clowns, jugglers, magicians and acrobats.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Clubbing Tenerife – Innovation, Summer in the Sun 2009, Puerto de la Cruz

Right are you paying attention? It’s another massive DJ fest in Puerto de la Cruz, this time beside the harbour. This is the 'Innovation' one.

The ‘Innovation’ summer reunion 2009 includes DJs Hype, Phantasy, Mampi Swift, Fresh, MC Skibadee, MC IC3, Freestylers, Deekline, Slipmatt, Rhythm Section and Krafty MC.

You’ll need a lot of Red Bull for this one; it lasts from 21.00 until 06.00

Date: 14th August

Tickets: €25 (€30 on the door)

See points of sale here.

Clubbing Tenerife – Inspiración 2009, Puerto de la Cruz

It’s getting a bit confusing in Puerto de la Cruz at the moment. I can just about keep up to date with the dance festivals every couple of weeks, but when one’s called Innovation and another’s called Inspiración (subtitled Festivel de los Sentidos), I start getting them muxed ip (must be my age).

Inspiración is the one taking place in the wonderful Lago Martiánez on Puerto’s promenade; hard to think of a more inspirational venue on Tenerife.

Lining up at the soul stage are Bobby Bob, B’Funk, delaFUNK, Ket Shah, Alan Arscott DJ A.K.A, and Simbad.

At the Alternative Music stage are Momdobon, Red Car, Jeff Automatic, Scott Huntley and Gilles Petterson.

And pumping up the volume on the House stage are Groovalia, David Castellano, Alan Arscott DJ A.K.A, Exhibición Natación Sincronizada (I’m guessing here, but I reckon this one will take place in one of the pools –synchronized swimming on dry land just doesn’t have the same impact), Simbad, Ket Shah and Rainer Trueby.

I haven’t a clue who any of them are (that’s a lie, I do know Bobby Bob, but I’ve never heard him DJ), but the music is guaranteed to make the hot summer’s night even hotter.

Date: 8th August

The clubbing fest gets going from 19.00 until 03.00

Pick up your ticket at:

Monkey Beach - Playa de Troya, Costa Adeje
Discos Sonora - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Casa de la Juventud de Puerto de la Cruz
Viajes RudyTour SL - La Orotava
Lago Martíanez - Puerto de la Cruz

Ticket Price: With typical Tenerife ‘mas o menos’ consistency, the lovely Inspirations website has all you need to know about the event except the price of the ticket…Oy vey. I’ll check out a poster when I’m in town this afternoon and add it when I get back.

Liverpool FC at Siam Park, Tenerife

This post goes against all my sensibilities, but I’m sure there must be some misguided people out there who are interested in this.

After playing in the football tournament in Adeje this weekend,
Liverpool FC’s under 18 football team will be in Siam Park on Tuesday for an autograph signing session at the Thai Bar from 16.30.

Let’s hope that they haven’t learned too much from their first team captain, otherwise you might get a free punch in the gob to go with the autograph.