Tuesday, 2 December 2008

In Search of Tenerife's best Beléns – La Orotava

One of the things that we get a kick out of at this time of year is checking out who’s got the best belén (no double entendres please; a belén is a traditional nativity scene).

First up this year is the one in the La Villa shopping centre in La Orotava. This year it looks as though they’re really going to town. Last year was impressive enough with the belén consisting of scenes around a Middle Eastern village, but hey developers on Tenerife seem to get everywhere and now it has grown to the size of a small town. It’s looking fantastic and there’s the usual guy relieving himself somewhere in the town (clue – at least he’s partially covered in a hut in this one).

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be checking out a few more nativity scenes, so If anyone knows of any other particularly impressive beléns (it’s impossible to say that without thinking of Julian Clary) we’d love to know about them.

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