Monday, 28 September 2009

Exhibitions on Tenerife - Saqueo de Souvernilandia, La Laguna

A deliciously tasty and irreverent finishing touch to the ‘Exhibition of Souvenirs’ at the Museum of History and Anthropology in La Laguna is ‘Saqueo de Souvernilandia’ by artists Alicia Ríos and Antoni Miralda. The pair mix art and food to create amusing masterpieces (see the edible London exhibit in the photo) in what they term ‘cannibalism culture’.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea. If you don’t like the exhibit… eat it; which is what is going to happen to the exhibit at around 20.00 on the 2nd of October. So get up there before then if you want to see the piece in its entirety.

UPDATE: The edible part of the exhibition wont be at the Museum until Friday, it's currently in La Matanza  (but I had to go to the museum to find that little fact out). It will be devoured, so the incredibly helpful attendant told me rubbing her tum in anticipation, as previously stated on Friday at 20.00.

The Tourist exhibition is on at the Museum and although there's an amusing ironic aspect to it, any visitors going out of there way to see it and finding a mock-up of a hotel dining room might just think someone's havin' a laugh.

Location: Museo de Historia y Antropología de Tenerife, Casa Lercaro, La Laguna

Festivals on Tenerife – Perrada Fest ’09, El Sauzal

The end of September/ beginning of October sees the emergence of some great little fringe festivals. This one is for the true fiesta die-hards as it takes place at Ravelo (where?) in El Sauzal.

Organised by ADEPAC (Association for the Defence and Protection of Animals in the Canaries) it’s a festival with a very good cause as its raison d’être and all proceeds will go to helping animals.

The fun kicks off at 13.00 and the event includes sets from 12 bands as well as theatre and dance performaces.

Saturday, 3rd October


Festivals on Tenerife – 7 Rockas Festival, La Laguna

An eclectic mix of activities awaits anyone who heads into La Laguna this Saturday. The ‘7 Rockas Festival’ is classed as a showcase for rock in its purest state (I’m guessing that you could probably replace ‘pure’ with ‘raw’ here); however, festival events also include master classes in drumming and guitar playing during the morning.

These are followed in the afternoon by air guitar (the one musical instrument that I can actually play), guitar hero, ‘juego de palo’ (traditional stick fighting – your guess is as good as mine about what that has to do with rock music), and rock hairdressers (if these are the same as the ones I’ve seen at Mueca in Puerto de la Cruz, they’re worth going to see just on their own).

The evening sees the real rocky part of the festival get underway with sets from the best rock bands from across the Canarian Archipeligo.
Bands include: Machango (La Palma), Blackened (Lanzarote), Cuerno Cabra & Alea Jacta (Fuerteventura) and Histeria, Nadien and Guerilla Urbana (Tenerife).

Wait a minute, there are some islands missing. I can understand there not being a band from San Borondón (nobody knows how to get in touch with them there), but what about Gran Canaria, La Gomera and El Hierro? Maybe they should rename it '5 Rockas Festival'.

Date: Saturday, 3rd October

Location: IES, Viera y Clavijo, La Laguna

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Events on Tenerife: Katandra Treetops – Loro Parque’s New Treetop Adventure

Ironically for many years, the parrots which made Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz famous were the only dodgy aspect to a visit to one of Tenerife’s top attractions. Tiny cages didn’t sit comfortably with visitors.

But tomorrow (24th September)all that changes with the opening of Katandra Treetops; a free flight aviary where visitors will be able to climb suspended bridges and get right up amongst the hundreds of parrots, cockatoos, kookaburras, pheasants, thrushes and fruit doves at the same time as having a real bird’s eye view of crowned pigeons, golden pheasants, herons, Asian parakeets and Mandarin Ducks hanging out by the lake way below the treetops.

The exotic jungle sounds alone will be worth the entrance money.

It’s a great move by the Loro Parque Foundation and one that’s sure to enhance its reputation and up the enjoyment factor even further.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – San Miguel de Abona

The romería season is drawing to an end, so if you haven’t managed to catch one of these lively, colourful processions, then this may just be about your last chance.

Normally one of the big drawbacks for many visitors and ex-pats is that the biggest of these take place in the north, but there’s no real excuse for missing this one as it takes place in the lovely little hill town of San Miguel de Abona only a hop, skip and a jump from Los Cristianos, Las Américas and Costa Adeje.

The Romería is the highlight of the town’s celebrations in honour of San Miguel Arcángel and is great fun whether you’ve seen a Romería before or not. Bands, traditional costumes, beauty queens and decorated carts from which free food and wine are handed out. This is what the Canarios do best.

Date: Sunday 27th September

Time: From midday onwards.

Monday, 21 September 2009

What an Incredible Meal Deal - Casa del Vino, El Sauzal

Any number of people will tell you that you have to pay for quality. Whilst this is often true, it’s not a given. Especially when it comes to eating out in the north of Tenerife.

There are few places on Tenerife to match the aesthetic ambience of the Casa del Vino in El Sauzal. It’s the sort of place where you might expect to shell out a small fortune, but wait till you hear about this.

How about a first course choice of Vichisoisse de Puerros con Virutas de Jamón, Tomate Relleno de Atún en Escabeche, Ensalada Cesar con Queso Curado, Lentejas Estofadas, Rissotto de Setas y Langostinos, or Sopa de Pescado?

Followed by: Cazuela de Cherne, Bacalao Confitado con Encebollado, Salmonetes al Horno con Verduritas Salteadas, Filetes de Cochino con Salsa de Moscatel, Pollito Tomatero Asado con Papas Panaderas or Ragut de Ternera.

And Rounded off with Postres de “La Casa”, Fruta o Helados y Sorbetes hechos en Casa

And what’s the cost of this wonderful meal in the exquisite surroundings of an old Canarian mansion? We’re not talking €20. We’re not even talking €15. No we’re talking an incredibly wallet friendly €10.

Drinks are separate, but still it’s too good an offer to miss.

(Casa del Vino is beside the El Sauzal exit of the TF5. Menu available between 13.00 and 23.00 Tuesday to Saturday, 13.00 to 16.00 Sunday, closed Monday)

Harlem Globetrotters in Tenerife

I used to love watching the Harlem Globetrotters on TV, but that was centuries ago. I didn’t even realise they were still strutting their stuff on basketball courts around the world until I saw the unmistakeable stars and stripes strip on a poster in Puerto de la Cruz some time back.

That’s right, the legendary clowns of the basketball courts are bringing their inimitable show to Tenerife next month for a one night gig at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes in Santa Cruz.

Date: 9th October

Time: 21.00

Tickets: From €20 available here from CajaCanarias

Sex and the City Santa Cruz Style - Bounty Tenerife Fashion Show

There can’t be many backdrops which are more appropriate for a glitzy fashion show than Tenerife’s iconic Auditorium in Santa Cruz. You can bet all the beautiful people will be out in force on Friday 2nd October when Plaza del Castillo Negro is transformed into a catwalk for the Bounty Tenerife Fashion Show in aid of disadvantaged families in the Canary Islands.
The charity event promises fab fashions from international and local designers as well as music from Barcelona born, electronic music diva, Rebeka Brown.

It goes without saying, but anyone who fancies going should leave the BHS T-shirt in the wardrobe.

Time: 21.00

Tickets: From €15 at Bounty shops around Tenerife and at CajaCanarias

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Festivals on Tenerife – Santa Cruz Carnaval Theme 2010

The sharp eyed out there might just spot a continuity error here or at very least be experiencing a sensation of déjà vu.

Back in June we posted a picture of the winning carnaval poster and theme for the Santa Cruz Carnaval 2010 and very nice, if a tad surreal, it was too.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when this week Santa Cruz announced its theme for next year's Carnaval and, in best Monty Python fashion, it was a case of 'and now for something completely different.'

It seems that the theme is now 'Tenerife - History of the Carnaval'. In the photos accompanying this announcement, the ape in the glitzy bikini was nowhere to be seen, instead, in the reports I saw, was a completely new logo.

If I didn't have a picture of the damn ape with 'Carnaval 2010' splashed across it, I'd be thinking I was going off my chuffin' head by now, especially as the Spanish reports I've read make no mention of the tranny ape and previous Carnaval theme even though they reported it at the time!

So what I want to know is what happened to the ape? Was that just some sort of 'kid on' competition? Am I going loopy, or is living in Tenerife like living in some parallel universe where very little makes sense and the illogical rules? (Actually I know the answer to the last one)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Exhibitions on Tenerife: Orcas at the TEA

There’s no need to take to the high seas to see whales on Tenerife this month.

Whales seem to be a popular subject matter, with the festival in Los Silos and now, this exhibition of 18 sculpted beautifully and imaginatively painted orcas outside of the TEA (Tenerife Espacio de las Artes) in Santa Cruz. These fun creatures are worth a visit if you happen to be visiting the capital and the TEA building is an interesting piece of architecture in its own right.

Dates: Until 4th October

Sport on Tenerife: The Tenerife Champions Cup – Beach Volleyball Tournament at Siam Park

You realise that the World has become a strange place when you hear that a championship volleyball tournament is taking place on a hillside nowhere near the coast and in surroundings that are distinctly Thai in appearance… even though they’re on Tenerife.

Still, these little surreal observations aside, Playa Siam at Siam Park is a stunning location for this major beach volleyball tournament featuring teams from Poland, Russia, Italy, England, France, Germany and Spain – golden sands, aquamarine water and the added attraction of the entertainment team, ‘Champion Girls’; a groups of girls who are sort of cheerleaders with talent and model good looks and who, lets be honest about this, will probably be as much of an attraction as the volleyball.

Dates: 9th, 10th & 11th October, Siam Park

Entrance: Free

Sport on Tenerife: Tenerife Ladies Open, Golf Costa Adeje

A whopping great €300,000 is up for grabs at the prestigious Tenerife Ladies Open Golf Tournament at Golf Costa Adeje between 24th and 29th September.

As far as spectators are concerned, it’s much easier tracking a little white ball against a bright blue Tenerife sky than watch it disappear against a grey white one in the UK.

Festivals on Tenerife – Campus Rock, La Laguna

And the beat goes on at Campus Rock La Laguna, the former capital of Tenerife and probably the current musical capital of the island. It might not be the best rock festival in the world, but with Heineken sponsoring, it’s probably the best on Tenerife… that weekend anyway.

Bands playing include el canto del loco, Taxi, Nena Daconte and Sidonie.

€20 in advance, €24 on the door. (See here for ticket outlets)

Festivals on Tenerife: The Festival of the Whale – Boreal in Los Silos

This is a new festival where I can honestly say where you’ll have a whale of a time – given that it takes place beside the huge skeleton of a whale on the coast at Los Silos.

The festival is only in its 2nd year and is a fusion of art, music and environmental awareness in the one package – so you get to party, be pretentious and learn something all in the same afternoon.

It all takes place on Saturday 26th September and between midday and 18.00 there are all sorts of exhibitions and workshops for adults and kids which range from kite-making, salsa classes and paragliding displays. At 12.30 turtles will be released into the sea. Between midday and 22.00 there’s an eco-market (good opportunity to pick up some unusual Xmas pressies) and providing the musical soundtrack for the shindig throughout the day and into the early hours are 10 bands and DJs with sounds ranging from dub-reggie to batucada to electronic house.

 Sounds all good stuff.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Festivals on Tenerife – CATH 2009

The name of this festival might not capture the imagination, but that’s because it stands for ‘Canaries at the Hotel’… err, okay I’m guessing your imagination is still completely under whelmed, but stick with me.

CATH 2009 takes place over the 11th and 12th September and is a bohemian two day (and night) festival of art, music and dance taking place in one of the north’s lesser known entertainment hotspots (lesser known to most visitors and anyone unfamiliar with the north that is), the Panorámica Garden Hotel in Los Realejos.

It includes two concerts featuring more than 10 bands, 4 DJ zones, experimental art exhibition rooms, dance performances and contemporary magic shows. It is a jam packed weekend of events and finishes at 6.30 on the 12th September with a ‘Chill Out’ session in the swimming pools (only for people staying at the hotel) and at that time of the morning I’m willing to bet that the ’Chill Out’ will be a literal one.

There are a number of ticket options (a two day ‘bono’ costs €45 on the door, €40 if purchased beforehand), but the coolest, rock ‘n’ roll way to do it must be to take a package staying at the hotel for the two nights of the festival for €120 per person.

This is an event which will suit seriously COOL people

See Full details of CATH 2009 here (in Spanish only)

Festivals on Tenerife – Tenerife Touring Ride: Moto Rock

Don’t you just love this poster? I mean, how many 15 year old boys’ fantasies can you get in the one image?

The unlikely tranquil and picturesque setting of Garachico is going to be home to a biker and rock music festival for a few days this month as Moto Rock comes to town.

During the days, the bikers will take to Tenerife’s roads for a sort of ‘angeles del infierno’ on tour before returning to Garachico for the ‘rock’ part of the festival on the nights of Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September.

Bands playing include Warners, Line, Marvel Hill & Hot Vulcan Stompers on the Friday and 13 Motos and Comsat, The Mistake, Brutalizzed Kids & Los Contratiempos on the Saturday night.

The music is free, but a weekend’s package for any bikers wanting to sign up for the whole festival including all meals and hotel accommodation, costs from €150 (see website for more detail – in Spanish only)

Can Moto Rock’s four days of biker action and hard rock live up to the promise of the poster? It’s tempting to go along to find out even if I might have to paint a skull and crossbones on the bonnet of the punto so that it won’t feel too out of place amongst the ‘wild hogs’.

Dates: The Festival takes place from 24th to 27th September.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – Fiestas del Cristo, Tacoronte

Another town where it’s party time for the whole of September. Tacoronte used to be on every traveller’s route, but now is pretty much by-passed by the majority of visitors to Tenerife, even though it’s reputed to have some of the best restaurants on the island (it’s where King Juan Carlos chooses to eat – so the locals say).

Celebrations take place throughout the month and apart from the usual suspects of parades, processions, dances and firework displays, there are a few other interesting events.


Sunday 6th September: Turron and wine tasting in Plaza del Cristo at midday. This is the Tacoronte – Acentejo region so there should be some decent vino to quaff.

Friday 11th September: The Canarian popular TV programme 'Tenderete' is going to be filmed from Plaza del Cristo – there are no times in the festival agenda, but it usually takes place at night.

Friday 18th September: It’s throwback to the glamorous 70s time with the election of the fiesta queen in Plaza del Cristo with a set from pop duo K-Narias from 22.00

Saturday 19th September: A packed evening with a horse race – we’re not talking Grand National here (C/Teobald Poer, 17.00), religious procession & firework display (Plaza del Cristo, 21.00) and dance (Plaza del Cristo, midnight)

Friday 25th September sees another beauty queen contest in the plaza at 22.00, whilst on Saturday 26th, there’s another procession, firework display and dance (with Pepe Benavente – who seems to perform at every fiesta going) from 21.30 onwards.

The Fiesta comes to a close on Sunday 27th September with yet another procession at midday, a concert by the municipal band at 19.00 and a traditional folk festival at 20.00


Fiestas on Tenerife - NTRA. SRA. de Las Mercedes de Roja, El Médano

There’s another fishermen’s fiesta in the lovely town El Médano which is usually held on the third weekend of the month, but Granadilla Ayuntamiento website is not the greatest, so information is scarce. I’ve probably got a better chance of getting more info from a poster in the town (often the best source of info about what’s happening in places).

We’ll post more info as we get it.

Fiestas on Tenerife – Fiestas de Los Cristianos, The fishermen’s fiesta

Lots going on in Los Cristianos for the celebrations in honour of the ‘Virgen del Carmen’ this weekend with a lot of events for the young taking place around Playa de Los Cristianos this morning and afternoon followed by a DJ concert in the recinto ferial at 20.00 and a ‘Grand Dance’ at midnight.

But the event that most visitors should enjoy is the fishermen’s procession tomorrow (Sunday 6th September) from the Church of Neustra Señora Virgen del Carmen to the harbour at 20.00. After the ‘Virgen’ is loaded onto her waiting carriage (fishing boat). After that she’ll be taken for a wee trip around the bay before being welcomed back with a firework display, so lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ are the order of the day.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife - The Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo, La Laguna

There are too many events taking place as part of The Fiestas del Santísimo Cristo in La Laguna to list. Apart from the usual processions, there are classical concerts, the famous annual Sabandeño performance, comedy nights, musicals, galas, flower battles in the streets, art exhibitions, parades, firework displays, Dance Festivals (including a homage to Michael Jackson), rock concerts, pop concerts and a folk concert with the lovely Alba Pérez and as they say, much, much more.

I’m guessing that not a lot of work is going to get done in La Laguna during September.


5th September – XXXI Sabadeño Festival, Plaza del Cristo, 21.30

12th September – Battle of the Flowers, Around the old city streets, 18.00

13th September – La Pandorga Cabalgata, traditional parade from Iglesia de la Concepción, 20.00

14th September – Main Firework display with fireworks from 3 factories followed by a dance, Plaza del Cristo, Midnight.

15th September – Dance Festival featuring Sleeping Beauty and a homage to Michael Jackson, Plaza del Cristo, 21.00

16th September – Rock Festival with La Vieja Morla, Oi Se Arma and Perro Cruz, Plaza del Cristo, 21.00

17th September – Folk Festival with Alba Pérez, Plaza del Cristo, 21.00

19th September – Pop Festival with La Sonrisa de Julia, Plaza del Cristo, 21.00

25th September – Heineken Campus Rock with El Canto del Loco, Taxi, Sidonie and Nena Daconte, 21.00

Festivals on Tenerife – Salpica, Buenavista del Norte.

Playa de las Mujeres is a great venue for the third Salpica festival in Buenavista del Norte.

Sounds like a good line up too, with heavy rockers, Soundchaser and Senegalese rap family Bou Bess amongst others. It’s just a bugger of a place to get to, especially for those who live in the south.

Date: Saturday 5th September

Time: From 16.00

Price: Free