Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fiestas on Tenerife, Fiestas Lustrales in Garachico

 Not quite a once in a lifetime event, but as it takes place only every five years, it’s the next best thing. Garachico has been celebrating its Fiestas Lustrales since Thursday 22nd July, but the literal highlight will be the Fuegos del Risco on Sunday 1st August from 21.45 when balls of fire are due to be rolled down the hillside in a re-enactment of sorts of the lave flows which changed the town’s fortunes in 1706.

This is one I haven’t seen, so I’ll definitely be there. I passed through yesterday and Garachico, decked out like something out of a fairy tale, is looking good enough to eat.

Fiestas on Tenerife, Dia de la Trilla

 It’s time to pull on the dungarees (not compulsory), plonk a straw hat on your head (essential in the heat) and stick a piece of straw between your teeth and head into the hills for the wonderful Dia de la Trilla near San José de los Llanos.

It’s not the biggest fiesta on the island and don’t expect ‘carnaval’ type fun as it involves a fascinating display of the traditional way of threshing wheat. Starting with humans then progressing to lively steeds and lumbering oxen.
It's Small, intimate (muscling past caballeros is essential to get a beer at the bar) and an insight to the life that exists in rural Tenerife.

Date: Saturday 31st July (from mid-morning is probably best time to be there – the beer can run out by early afternoon).

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Festivals on Tenerife – Festival de Candelaria

Another festival on Tenerife which has been taking place for some time is the Festival de Candelaria. It started on the 25th June and finishes on the 31st July (gives them time for a bit of a breather before their next huge fiesta mid August).

The festival on Tenerife’s east coast has attracted some major names in music world such as Bo Selecta - Craaaig Davies. This year’s big name, Rosana, may not ring any bells amongst many British residents and visitors, but the Lanzarote born songstress has sold more that 6 million albums around the world. Rosana’s concert closes the festival on the 31st July (10pm).

Between now and then there are also folklore concerts, processions and Hip-Hop competitions.

See Full Agenda Here (in Spanish)

Festivals on Tenerife - Sansofé 2010, Granadilla de Abona

We’re a bit late getting the Sansofé 2010 programme for Granadilla de Abona on Tenerife Matters as it started on the 1st on July.

However, as the sports events, concerts and exhibitions which form Sansofé continue until the end of August there's still loads to enjoy.

Highlights include Granadilla de Abona’s new talent competition on the 13th, 14th and 15th august (El Médano), the folklore concerts from 16th to the 22nd August (El Médano), the Kite Boarding World championship between the 9th and 14th August (El Médano) and the closing concert with K-narias at 9pm on the 28th August.

See Here for Full Programme of Events (in Spanish)

Festivals on Tenerife – Eólica 2010

Like a number of other popular festivals on Tenerife, the Eólica Festival which won a ‘Greener Festival’ award last year, is the latest victim of the crisis affecting Spain at the moment. There won’t be a festival this year.

The good news is that the concert will return in July 2011.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Food on Tenerife - Sea Urchins...Eat Them

Forgive the groan inducing title, but this is should be of interest to those adventurous foodies out there.

From the 23rd to the 25th July the Hotel Escuela Santa Cruz is offering a very imaginative menu based on the erizo del mar...that's sea urchin to you and me.

For €28 you get to try sea urchin croquettes, sea urchin salad, sea urchin with guacamole, sea urchin and rice, fish with sea urchin sauce. Wisely I feel, they've opted to leave the sea urchins out of the dessert choices.

It's an interesting menu for sure and sounds so much more enticing in Spanish...croquetitas de diadema de mar anyone?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fiestas on Tenerife – Admiral Nelson Attacks Santa Cruz…Again

Even an economic crisis can’t stop an old warhorse. Admiral Nelson’s troops will once again try to take the city of Santa Cruz at the end of July…and will once again fail. You’d have thought they’d have learned by now.

Troops in 18th century uniforms will be marching through the capital’s streets on Friday 23rd July at 6pm and with a recreation of the battle taking place in front of the auditorium on Saturday 24th July at midday before fighting spreads into the streets around the Noria district at 8pm. Fighting on the streets on a Saturday night – it’ll almost be like being back in Blighty.

The British troops finally admit defeat on Sunday 25th July at midday in Plaza Candelaria and everyone shakes hands, well maybe not Nelson,  like the perfect gentlemen they were in those days.