Saturday, 27 December 2008

In search of Tenerife’s best belénes - Garachico

The picturesque town of Garachico usually has a predilection for constructing a belén which differs from those in other towns in as much as its nativity scene, in the Hotel Quinta Roja, takes place interestingly enough in a Guanche village; a quirk regularly commented upon by Secret Tenerife. This year is no different and although it’s said to be set on Gran Canaria, it looks suspiciously like Teide’s peak lording it over the charming scene of aboriginal life.

Just to add to Garachico’s quest to have the most original belénes on the island, there’s another, of sorts, in a sea cave opposite the harbour. However, you’ll need good eyes, binoculars or a boat to get a decent look at it.


Pamela Heywood said...

Yes, that is Teide: it's meant to be in the distance, across the sea.

Real Tenerife said...

Aha, It's lke that episode of Father Ted when Ted explains perspective to Dougall then.