Monday, 31 August 2009

Sport on Tenerife – Tour de Tenerife, LIV Vuelta Ciclista Isla de Tenerife

This week Tenerife becomes one big circuit for cyclists with the ‘Vuelta Ciclista a la Isla de Tenerife’.

Lots of guys, and possibly a few girls, will be lycra-ing up and racing along Tenerife’s highways and byways over the next few days. Great if you’re a cycling fan… a pain in the streamlined butt if you’re trying to get anywhere that’s on the cyclists’ route (Arona - Candelaria, Santa Cruz - San Andrés – La Laguna, El Sauzal - Santiago del Teide).
The ‘tour de Tenerife starts on La Gomera on the 2nd September and finishes on Tenerife on 6th September.

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