Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – Corazones de Tejina (Hearts of Tejina)

One of the more unusual fiestas on Tenerife takes place in the northern town of Tejina in La Laguna. The Corazones de Tejina are three large hearts, created from fruit and vegetables and adorned with images made from pastry, which are paraded through the town and erected in the plaza outside the church.

After that it’s a free for all as the ‘heart makers’ insult rival's hearts in a sort of ‘Don’t go slating my heart’ fest.

The hearts themselves are beautiful creations and the area around the church is a charming location for Tenerife’s fruitiest fiesta.

Dates: The Corazones de Tejina are part of the Fiestas de San Bartolomé de Tejina which takes place between the 21st August and the 1st September. The Hearts of Tejina ceremony takes place on Sunday 30th August.

Time: Make sure you’re there for midday.

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