Thursday, 20 August 2009

Events on Tenerife – Ride Your Roads 2009

This is the weekend for slipping on the leathers and heading into the countryside astride a growling two wheeled monster… or not if you don’t happen to own a two wheeled monster.

The oddly named (because it’s in English) 'Ride Your Roads' event sees thousands of motor cyclists congregate in La Orotava before heading off around the Island; a biker’s army filling the roads with their mechanical steeds.

It’s quite a sight to see, there’ll no doubt be the odd (literally) gorilla on a motorbike and other unusual creatures, but it is not a day for planning a leisurely drive in the countryside if you’re in a car.

There will be thousands of bikes and they take it easy on their journey around Tenerife, so if you get caught up in the rally, be prepared for a long wait.

If you’re a biker, no worries, it’ll be a blast.

Now if I can only convince them all that a copy of Island Drives will enhance their trip around the island...

Location: Centre of La Orotava

Date: Sunday 23rd August

Time: Leaving La Orotava at 10.00, returning at approx. 17.00

Price: To enjoy the full range of activities on offer it’s €25 for bikers and €15 for passengers.

See Tinerguia’s website here for more details (in Spanish only)

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