Thursday, 27 August 2009

Events in Tenerife – Bavarian Week in Puerto de la Cruz

The Bavarian Week (Semana Bávara) gets going in earnest from tomorrow with concerts in and around Puerto de la Cruz by the Bavarian orchestra, Die Lustigen Egerlaender. The highlight of Bavarian Week is the beer festival in Plaza Europa on Saturday 5th September from 19.00.

Entrance ticket is €10 which entitles you to ONE DRINK & ONE RATION OF FOOD.

Friday 28/08, 20:15, Iglesia Peña de Francia
Saturday 29/08, 21:00, Avda. Colón / Avda. Venezuela
Sunday 30/08, 12:00, Lago Martiánez
Tuesday 1/09, 20:00, Playa Jardín
Wednesday 02/09, 17:00, Hotel Tigaiga & at 1900 at Supermercado 2000, La Paz
Thursday 03/09, 21:00, Plaza del Charco


Mike Harris said...

Tell us the good news...because €10 for one drink and one ration of food might seem steep to some.
Does the proceeds go to charity?
Is the music included?

Real Tenerife said...

Sorry, I probably wasn’t clear enough there. I was emphasising the ‘one drink/one ración of food' for the €10 because just about every other report of the beer festival gave the impression that all food and drink was included in the price.

The €10 also includes entrance, live music and ‘participation in the quiz’ – whatever that may involve. :)