Saturday, 1 August 2009

Clubbing Tenerife – Inspiración 2009, Puerto de la Cruz

It’s getting a bit confusing in Puerto de la Cruz at the moment. I can just about keep up to date with the dance festivals every couple of weeks, but when one’s called Innovation and another’s called Inspiración (subtitled Festivel de los Sentidos), I start getting them muxed ip (must be my age).

Inspiración is the one taking place in the wonderful Lago Martiánez on Puerto’s promenade; hard to think of a more inspirational venue on Tenerife.

Lining up at the soul stage are Bobby Bob, B’Funk, delaFUNK, Ket Shah, Alan Arscott DJ A.K.A, and Simbad.

At the Alternative Music stage are Momdobon, Red Car, Jeff Automatic, Scott Huntley and Gilles Petterson.

And pumping up the volume on the House stage are Groovalia, David Castellano, Alan Arscott DJ A.K.A, Exhibición Natación Sincronizada (I’m guessing here, but I reckon this one will take place in one of the pools –synchronized swimming on dry land just doesn’t have the same impact), Simbad, Ket Shah and Rainer Trueby.

I haven’t a clue who any of them are (that’s a lie, I do know Bobby Bob, but I’ve never heard him DJ), but the music is guaranteed to make the hot summer’s night even hotter.

Date: 8th August

The clubbing fest gets going from 19.00 until 03.00

Pick up your ticket at:

Monkey Beach - Playa de Troya, Costa Adeje
Discos Sonora - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Casa de la Juventud de Puerto de la Cruz
Viajes RudyTour SL - La Orotava
Lago Martíanez - Puerto de la Cruz

Ticket Price: With typical Tenerife ‘mas o menos’ consistency, the lovely Inspirations website has all you need to know about the event except the price of the ticket…Oy vey. I’ll check out a poster when I’m in town this afternoon and add it when I get back.

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