Monday, 10 August 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – Romería de San Roque, Garachico

One of the nicest romerías on Tenerife takes place this coming weekend in Garachico.

The picturesque little town provides the perfect setting for scores of decorated carts, goats, donkeys, ponies and Tinerfeños looking fab in their brightly coloured traditional costumes for the Romería de San Roque.
The town does get very busy and parking is a nightmare. Our tip is that as soon as you see other people parking their cars, follow suit… even if you’re still a couple of kilometres from the town.

Oh, and don’t forget your ‘vaso de romería’ unless you want to miss out on all the free flowing wine.

Date: Sunday 16th August

Time: From around 13.00 (mas o menos)

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