Monday, 1 June 2009

Platano Rock – Concerts in Tenerife

Summer’s here and so are some great sounds. It might be the month of music, Mary J and mud at Glasto, but Tenerife has some mini-fests of its own.

The fourth Plátano Rock Festival hits Santa Cruz in June. During the month,
A series of contemporary urban art exhibitions, movies and live bands are set to rock the capital’s streets.

Location: Sala de Arte La Recova, Plaza de La Concepción, Santa Cruz

Dates: Exhibitions in Sala de Arte La Recova from 6th to 21st June at 19.00: Concert in Plaza de La Concepción on 12th June featuring The Right Ons, OVNI, Line and DJ Carrie (from 20.00 to midnight).

Entrance: Free

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Anonymous said...

Vi a Line en Eolica 2009. Muy, muy buenos. Estoy loco por Crisitna Ruiz, me tenia en la palma de su mano, como un tonto enamorado en primera fila!