Thursday, 11 June 2009

Football on Tenerife - World championship Freestyle football at Siam Park

The British footie season feels as though it’s been over for ages (Internationals just aren’t the same), but worry not football fans, there’s a real treat coming your way – and I’m not talking about when ‘face like a slapped backside’ Ronaldo comes to get shown a lesson in football by CD Tenerife next season (okay I admit it, he was a god only a few months ago, but hey...I’m fickle).

The World Championship Freestyle qualifier is taking place at Siam Park this month. This is urban football to take your breath away.

And if you fancy yourself as a budding Ronaldo, or should I say Messi – as he’s the one who proved that he’s really numero uno - you can take part :

It’s 3 minutes – 2 players - 1 ball and a place at the World Finals in South Africa at stake (that’s the freestyle version of course)

Do you have the bottle ? (you better check out the vids here first to see if you measure up).

Venue : Siam Park, Costa Adeje

Date : 26th June

Time : 16.00

Find out more and apply to take part here

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