Friday, 24 April 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – the Big Bang, Fireworks & Fiestas of the Cross, Los Realejos

There’s only one place to be on the eve of 3rd May and that’s in Los Realejos for the biggest firework display on the island…in fact it’s the biggest display on any island. Claimed to be the longest display in Europe (it does last 3 hours – not that there are fireworks lighting up the sky the whole time), it is spectacular and usually a showcase for some amazing new pyrotechnics.

Before the display, it’s worth wandering the streets and having a look at the elaborately dressed crosses; it might feel odd, but it’s the done thing to stroll into people’s houses to admire their personal displays.

Location: The sky above Los Realejos. The small town square is quite a good viewpoint.

Date: 3rd May

Time: Due to start around 21.00, but that’s Tenerife time, so expect a wee bit of waiting.

Tip: Wear a jacket; it’s a bit on the nippy side in Los Realejos alto at this time of year.

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