Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter in Tenerife – Semana Santa in La Laguna

Although celebrations for Semana Santa involves masses and processions in towns across Tenerife between the end of March and Easter weekend, the ones to look out for are the ‘Magna’ and ‘Silent’ processions in La Laguna; two of the most evocative sights that you are likely to witness on Tenerife.

Clearly much of this is connected with the shock of seeing brotherhoods wearing a costume which is normally associated with intolerance; however, La Laguna’s atmospheric streets, barefooted hooded monks in chains and the deafening silence which accompanies brotherhood after brotherhood as they parade through the old streets sends an unforgettable shiver down the spine.

Place: La Laguna old town

Date: Friday 10th April

Time: The Magna procession leaves the Iglesia de la Concepción at 17.00, the Silent procession sets off begins at 21.30

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