Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Festival in Tenerife – The VII Antique & Baroque Music Festival

I love all sorts of good music, but I’d be lying if I said I’d pencilled in any of the concerts during the Puerto de la Cruz VII Festival of Antique and Baroque Music which is taking place between now and the 12th April.
However, when a rather beautiful woman wearing a low cut bustier who looked as though she’d time travelled a couple of centuries leaned towards me and placed a flyer for the festival in my hand I suddenly found the idea of checking it out a lot more interesting.

One week street theatre, the next classical concerts...there's a reason that Puerto de la Cruz is known as Tenerife's sophisticated resort.


2nd April: Reyes Bartlett Choir, Iglesia de la Peña, 21.12, €10
6th April: Magios Ensemble (3 centuries of Spanish music), Castillo San Felipe, 20.30, €20
7th April: Ensemble Barroco (Instrumental music from the 17th century), Castillo San Felipe, 20.30, €10
11th April: Martina Warecka, Mark Peters, Eugène Michelangeli-‘Adventures in Italy’, Castillo San Felipe, 20.30, €20
12th April: ‘La Trulla de Bozes’ – Various, Castillo San Felipe, 20.30, €20

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