Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Easter in Tenerife – Semana Santa in Adeje

Semana Santa is a serious religious event on Tenerife and there are some emotional masses and processions taking place over the next 10 days, especially on Viernes Santo (Good Friday).

Many towns celebrate Semana Santa, but in Adeje (the old town not the coastal version) the way the town celebrates Good Friday is a bit more of a Cecil B. De Mille epic than other places when almost the whole town takes part in a spirited re-enactment of the Passion of Christ.

I realise something like this isn’t going to be on most tourists’ holiday agenda, but for those who do like to experience the real Tenerife, Adeje is within easy reach of anyone visiting or staying in the south and this example of community spirit is what Tenerife is really all about…it’s also really interesting as well, honest.

Place: Calle Grande, Adeje

Date: 10th April

Time: From midday onwards

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