Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Fiestas on Tenerife – Admiral Nelson Attacks Santa Cruz…Again

Even an economic crisis can’t stop an old warhorse. Admiral Nelson’s troops will once again try to take the city of Santa Cruz at the end of July…and will once again fail. You’d have thought they’d have learned by now.

Troops in 18th century uniforms will be marching through the capital’s streets on Friday 23rd July at 6pm and with a recreation of the battle taking place in front of the auditorium on Saturday 24th July at midday before fighting spreads into the streets around the Noria district at 8pm. Fighting on the streets on a Saturday night – it’ll almost be like being back in Blighty.

The British troops finally admit defeat on Sunday 25th July at midday in Plaza Candelaria and everyone shakes hands, well maybe not Nelson,  like the perfect gentlemen they were in those days.



Anonymous said...

So worth seeing! I went two years ago and it was awesome. Actually, didn't know it was happening. Went up to Teatro Guimerá to see "Hamlet" and stumbled across it as we walked up to the theater. Then during the performance, we could hear the "canon" thundering, but didn't realize, until we came out what it was we heard. We though it was sound effects! This weekend, as that, there is so much else going on, too much, too much. The Moscow ballet is here in the south on the 23rd, 24th is triathalon in El Médano, Mumes concert in Auditorio and also photowalk in Los Cristianos.....agh the agonies of making choices! And to think how people in England told me I would miss culture in emigrating!!

Real Tenerife said...

It is a busy time culturally for sure...one of the reasons why posts on here have been scarce of late. Too busy doing to keep everything up to date and yet we have still managed to miss a whole load of events like the sea urchin week, honey week and all sorts of weird and wonderful affairs.

I think you caught a particularly good 'battle' a couple of years ago. This one nearly wasn't going ahead. It's one of the events I haven't witnessed yet so I think I'll rectify it this year.