Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fiestas on Tenerife, Fiestas Lustrales in Garachico

 Not quite a once in a lifetime event, but as it takes place only every five years, it’s the next best thing. Garachico has been celebrating its Fiestas Lustrales since Thursday 22nd July, but the literal highlight will be the Fuegos del Risco on Sunday 1st August from 21.45 when balls of fire are due to be rolled down the hillside in a re-enactment of sorts of the lave flows which changed the town’s fortunes in 1706.

This is one I haven’t seen, so I’ll definitely be there. I passed through yesterday and Garachico, decked out like something out of a fairy tale, is looking good enough to eat.

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Alf. said...

Takes me back to 1976. We spent our honeymoon on Tenerife.Stayed at a hotel called The Oratava Garden.I wonder if it is still called that now. Loved the parrots at Loro Park and the trip up Mt.Teide by cablecar.
Wish we could do it again.