Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fiestas on Tenerife, Dia de la Trilla

 It’s time to pull on the dungarees (not compulsory), plonk a straw hat on your head (essential in the heat) and stick a piece of straw between your teeth and head into the hills for the wonderful Dia de la Trilla near San José de los Llanos.

It’s not the biggest fiesta on the island and don’t expect ‘carnaval’ type fun as it involves a fascinating display of the traditional way of threshing wheat. Starting with humans then progressing to lively steeds and lumbering oxen.
It's Small, intimate (muscling past caballeros is essential to get a beer at the bar) and an insight to the life that exists in rural Tenerife.

Date: Saturday 31st July (from mid-morning is probably best time to be there – the beer can run out by early afternoon).

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