Thursday, 22 July 2010

Festivals on Tenerife – Eólica 2010

Like a number of other popular festivals on Tenerife, the Eólica Festival which won a ‘Greener Festival’ award last year, is the latest victim of the crisis affecting Spain at the moment. There won’t be a festival this year.

The good news is that the concert will return in July 2011.


islandmomma said...

ah, I figured that the other day, because it usually is around now as i remember. Shame. The music was a bit much for me, but I liked the daytime stuff, the music workshops, the environment stuff, the jugglers etc

Real Tenerife said...

As you know, they can be very last minute here about issuing publicity and the crisis has pushed anouncements even closer to the wire(probably as organisers try to scrape together some funding).

I didn't think either Eolica or Aguaviva were going to happen last year, yet they both went ahead last minute.

This year I reckon Aguaviva will also be for the chop.