Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Concerts in Tenerife – International World Music Day, Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz plays host to a scorching event to welcome the official start to summer 2010 and a hot season of great musical events on Tenerife.

This Saturday, seven artists and groups take part in the Día Internacional de la Música 2010 concert beside the harbour in Tenerife’s first tourist town.

I’ve got to confess to not knowing any of the artists involved: Los Seis Días (Barcelona), Aaron Thomas (Madrid), Lovey Rita (Sevilla), baden bah! (Salamanca), Bikini Invaders (Tenerife), Fuel Fandango (Lanzarote - Córdoba) and San Leon (Barcelona)

But who the hell cares, I can’t think of a better way to bring in summer than listening to some live music by the harbour in Puerto.

The concert kicks off on Saturday 19th June at 5pm and, get this, is totally free.

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