Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Concerts on Tenerife – Music From the Cinema; Fimucité 2010

You can hardly walk anywhere in Summer on Tenerife without stumbling across a concert of some sort. Fimucité in July should appeal to both film fans and aficionados of classical music.

The main theme of this years festival is the collaboration of John Williams' scores with Steven Spielberg, so lots of rousing Indiana Jones themes, Jurassic Park scores having you looking over your shoulder for a hungry raptor, Close Encouter's mother ship music (Mount Teide would be perfect for that...and you never know what sort of audience it might attract  up there) and the classic Jaws soundtrack (hope they don't play that one too close to any of Tenerife's beaches).

Performances will take place in Santa Cruz and La Laguna (see full programme here) between 5 -10 July.

And like last year, the Fimucité website opening page is a cracker.

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