Saturday, 22 May 2010

Food on Tenerife – Tapas Route in Puerto de la Cruz

What are they trying to do to us in Tenerife? Summer's on the doorstep, a time to be parading those six packs and shapely curves on the playas (I wish), and here they are tempting us with yet another tapas route.

The second Ruta de Tapas, 'Papeando entre Volcanes' started in Puerto de la Cruz yesterday and will continue until the 6th June by which time it'll be more a case of beer barrels and curves with the consistency of blancmange on the playas if the goodies on offer are anything to go by.

As the title suggests there's a theme running through the tapas on offer with dishes sporting intriguing and poetic names like secreto en erupción, litoral de lava and volcân de sabor y color.

Have a look below to see photos, ingredients and participating restaurants.

Each tapas is €4 including beer, wine or water. It's a bit of a price increase from previous routes, but I'll have to try one to see if it's because portions are bigger which from the look of the photos might be the case.

You need a passport to participate, but these can be picked up at the restaurants, Cámara office or the town hall.

Get these stamped at ten different restaurants and you enter a draw for a fabby prize.

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