Monday, 17 May 2010

Food on Tenerife – Tapas Route 'El Almáciga' in Arona

It's time for tapas lovers to salivate. These tapas routes are becoming more and more popular on Tenerife which is great news for the foodies amongst us. This one involves restaurants around the municipality of Arona in South Tenerife (if you're a bit fuzzy with your Tenerife municipalities, this is the one that Las Américas, Los Cristianos and Las Galletas are all in - although the participating restaurants are all in the towns away from the coast).

With tapas like pescado salteado con ajo y cebolla (salted fish with garlic and onion), cazuela de morcilla al camembert y azafrán canario (Canarian black pudding, camembert and saffron) and sorpresa de calamar de las 7 islas (It's squid, but you'll just have to try it to find out what the surprise is) on offer, methinks it's time to head into the hills.

Click here for list of participating restaurants and tapas dishes.

From 1st to 13th June

€3.00 for a tapas with glass of wine, beer or water


Dennis said...

All sounds great apart from the squid, been there & done it and it wasn´t a pleasant experience!!

The idea of going on a food fest is very appealing tho!!! Bravo

Real Tenerife said...

LOL. I'm a squid fan, big medium or small and the more crispy tenticles the better.

But the bigger squids do have to be cooked just right otherwise it can be like munching on a Dunlop.

Nikki in Tropical Park said...

I loved this last year but it was just in Los Cristianos.

Real Tenerife said...

Their great aren't they, you usually get some really unusual and imaginative tapas being served up.