Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Party’s Over in Puerto de la Cruz – Fiestas on Tenerife, Mueca 2010

Some bad news for aficionados of some of Puerto de la Cruz’s more contemporary fiestas; the surreal and wonderful street arts festival, Mueca won’t be taking place this year (2010). The other fiesta victim (at this point) is the Ecological Cine Festival.

Anyone who’s been in Puerto for the Mueca festival will know that it attracts thousands of people to the town and adds a modern flavour to Tenerife first city of tourism.

The reason for its temporary demise is said to be financial, but we’ll have to wait and see what else falls under the butcher of El Hierro’s cleaver.

It makes a bit of a mockery of those misguided newspaper reports who were crowing that with Marcos Brito getting back into power, things would start to get moving in the town.

The plaza café shut on New Year’s Eve because of a strike, Playa Jardín café and toilets shut for the same reason, fiestas cancelled…

I think I’d better revise my definition of ‘getting things moving’.

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