Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fiestas on Tenerife – Fiestas de San Sebastián in La Caleta, Adeje

It’s a different saint who’s being celebrated at Playa de la Enramada beside La Caleta in Adeje, but there are still animals involved.
Visitors to the plush hotels on the Costa Adeje side of Playa de la Enramada don’t often usually encounter much signs of Canarian culture on the upmarket resort’s streets. So it can come as a bit of a shock, and not necessarily a pleasant one going by some previous comments on some forums about Tenerife, when hordes of horsemen appear on the beach to ride their steeds into the sea.

God forbid that the real Tenerife should intrude on someone’s beach time.

For those wanting to experience a 'real' Tenerife experience, it's a fascinating sight.

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