Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Music on Tenerife - Monica Naranjo in Adeje

Some people regularly ask why there aren’t more big names in music playing concerts on Tenerife. The easy answer is that there are, but if you’re British, they might not be a big name to you.

Spanish singer Monica Naranjo has sold millions of records in Spain, the United States and in Latin America, but somehow I don’t see the streets of Las Américas emptying of tourists when she plays the Magma Arte & Congresos Centre in Adeje later this month (that’s the Las Américas part of Adeje for all you out there who, like me, are no longer sure what is Adeje and what is Las Americas).

Date: Saturday 23rd January

Venue: Magma Arte & Congresos, Adeje (just beside the Las Américas bus station)

Time: 9.30pm

Tickets: €32 to €42

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