Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Events on Tenerife – Gran Circo Mundial (The World Circus)

I know they’re not particularly fashionable these days, but there’s something magical about the idea of the old fashioned three ringed circus with ringmaster in top hat, lion tamers, acrobats and clowns whose bright make-up hides a tragic secret (okay I’ve just descended into a 50s melodramatic movie plot). If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to join the circus now’s your chance.

The Gran Circo Mundial is in Santa Cruz during May. Marvel at the ghostly white lions and Sumatran tigers, gasp at the nerves of steel displayed by the woman of ice in the ring of death, cower from the gigantic Russian bears, cheer the death defying leaps from the flying trapeze artists and laugh at the antics of those crazy clowns (okay, laughing at clowns…that may be asking too much).

It all sounds like good old fashioned fun.

Venue: Parque Marítimo César Manrique, Santa Cruz

Dates: 10th – 31st May

Times: Monday to Friday 17.30 & 20.15; Saturday 16.30 & 19.30; Sunday 11.30, 16.30 & 19.30

Tickets: From €12 to €35

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