Monday, 11 May 2009

Eating and Drinking on Tenerife – You Got to try a Tapas or Two

May’s an important month in the Canary Islands, with Dia de Canarias falling at the end of the month and lots of traditional celebrations taking place in towns across the island.

In Puerto de la Cruz there are a few events taking place throughout the month which will have foodies salivating.

Between the 20th and 24 May there’s an artisan’s fair with typical Canarian products in Plaza Europa. There’s also the ‘Papeando Por El Puerto’ between the 8th and the 17th of the month. This is being billed as the First Canarian Tapas route. How this differs from the other tapas route at the end of the year who knows and, as a tapas lover myself, who cares?

€3.50 gets you a ‘tapa’ and a glass of beer, wine or water to wash it down with.

There are 19 restaurants participating and some of the goodies on offer include:

For the adventurous – Octopus with a Canarian cheese and coriander fondue:
For the curious – “Entre el mar, mi Puerto y las brumas del Teide” (between the sea, my port and Teide’s clouds).
And for the conservative – Canarian Chicken with papas arrugadas (come on, show a little imagination).

Personally I’m looking forward to trying the rabbit, potatoes and banana chips; now there’s an interesting combo.

Participating Restaurants, opening times and Tapas Dishes: Click on the image below:

Restaurant Locations: Click on the image below:

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