Saturday, 24 January 2009

Fiestas on Tenerife – San Antonio Abad in La Matanza & Buenavista del Norte

It’s a big weekend for party animals on Tenerife…wait a sec, let me rephrase that. It’s a big weekend for animals to party on Tenerife.

The fiesta of San Antonio Abad involves the gathering of oxen, goats, horses, donkeys, hunting dogs, ferrets, rabbits and…errr guinea pigs, snakes, chameleons and any other creature which fancies taking part.

The oldest Ganadera (cattle fair) on Tenerife takes place at, appropriately enough, San Antonio in the upper reaches of La Matanza with the main Octava Ganadera taking place this Sunday.

Probably the biggest celebrations take place in Buenavista del Norte where more than 1000 cows, plus assorted furry and scaly friends, are set to take to the normally sleepy streets.

Dates: Sunday 25th January. (La Matanza also celebrate again on Sunday 1st February)

Times: La Matanza – The Animals gather in San Antonio through out the day with prize giving taking place at around 15.00.

Times: Buenavista del Norte – The programme of celebrations begins at 11.00 and the romería heads from the recinto ferial toward the Plaza de los Remedios at 14.00


Secret Tenerife said...

Hate to be a pain, but I just picked up on two articles in El Dia(of 15/1 and 24/1), which say that the arrastre de caballos in La Matanza was last week. The livestock fair and a pilgrimage from La Laguna - animals driving 12 km - is taking place this Sunday (25/1) and traditional arrastre de ganado (with oxen), next Sunday, February 1st.

Real Tenerife said...

Thanks, Pamela. That's what I get for not checking the date on El Dia's website. The arrastre de caballos did take place last week. But the famous Octava Ganadera, is definitely tomorrow (it's always the second sunday of the three) and as you say, an arrastre de ganado on the 1st Feb as well. I was surprised that the site said the arrastre de caballos was new as there were horsemen racing up and down the street during the Octava Ganadera last year.

Admin said...
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Secret Tenerife said...

They write stuff in devious ways, by which I mean, it took me two readings of both items before I was sure what was when and which was new, or some variation.

Yup, the livestock fair was today and the pilgrimage from La Laguna was a resurrected (new, old) bit. La Laguna Ahora have pictures. I couldn't help thinking when I read it that this is just what Tenerife's roads need, some "wide loads" to congest them even further! :)

Ah yes, but where the horses racing up and down the streets arrastrando (dragging) anything behind them? If not, then the horse pulling is definitely a new sport. :)

Real Tenerife said...

No they definitely weren't pulling anything. I'll have to go next year to see exactly what it is that they're doing.