Monday, 26 January 2009

Carnaval in Tenerife 2009 – Crisis, what crisis?

There’s a lot of press time being devoted to the fact that Carnaval in Santa Cruz this year might be somewhat of a toned down affair because of the current economic crisis. For sure money spent on the organised affairs is being cut, which might make it a bit less of a spectacular extravaganza for visitors who go to watch Carnaval. Although at Real Tenerife we’re not convinced.

Carnaval’s the people’s party and you can bet this year more than ever, they’ll be welcoming an excuse to forget the doom and gloom for one week at least.

Perusing the Carnaval agenda for Puerto de la Cruz, something caught my eye. All the favourite events are there as usual, plus there’s an extra street party with live music in Plaza del Charco on the Friday night before the opening parade.

That makes a whopping eight all night parties in nine days (the Thursday before the closing weekend is always a rest night).

And if anyone out there can manage to dance their way through the lot of them, it goes without saying…’you’re a better man, than I am Gunga Din.”

Well done Puerto de la Cruz Ayuntamiento for swimming against the tide.

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