Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sport on Tenerife Half Marathon Las Galletas (XIV Medio Maratón de Las Galletas)

It’s run in the sun time in the south of Tenerife. The 14th Las Galletas half marathon takes place next month. 21 kilometres under a damn hot, if not searing, sun.

I become a sweaty bit of mess if I do the slightest bit of gardening, so running in Tenerife’s temperatures seems bordering on the insane.

But for those of you mad enough to enter, the time to beat is 1:04:11 if you’re a man and 1:13:30 if you’re a woman.

At least, unlike the race the week before, you can wear some clothes for this one.

Time: 9am

Date: 11th April

Place: Las Galletas

See the website for more details

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