Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Events on Tenerife – Walking over the Peak in Santiago del Teide

Anyone who tells you that La Gomera is what Tenerife used to be like hasn’t spent much time in the hills on the island. There are plenty of places where life has hardly changed in eons.

Take the hamlets around Santiago del Teide for instance. On any day of the year you’ll normally find old women in straw and men in fedoras harvesting their crops by hand. On the 11th April they’ll be taking another step back in time by reintroducing an old custom, Al Paso de la Cumbre – Walking over the Peak.

This wonderful, if leg muscle testing, tradition involves local merchants in traditional costume traipsing along old trading routes with their livestock and produce such as cheese, honey and wine to trade with other villages.
On the 11th, they’ll reach Santiago del Teide.

So if you want to witness the old Tenerife that still exists in the hillsides, save yourself the ferry fare to La Gomera and head up to Santiago del Teide next month.

Note: We’ll post more details when they become available.

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