Monday, 19 October 2009

Events on Tenerife – Tenerife Design Festival

It’s arty farty time in the capital as stylish Santa Cruz looks trendier than ever this week when designers from around the world showcase their work in galleries and plazas around the city for the Tenerife Design Festival.

So what is the Tenerife Design Festival? Well I think the festival’s website can explain it better than I can.

Expect to see designs which show that “…concepts are the starting point for establishing synergies between local factors and international proposals, consolidating design as tool of change and economic stimulus.”

If you know what that means send answers on a postcard to…

A healthy dose of pretentiousness is great now and again and usually guarantees that the exhibitions throughout the week will be visually stimulating.

Dates: 19th to 25th October

Location: Various venues around Santa Cruz

See Full Programme Here

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Anonymous said...

Probably means good design = lotsa dosh!