Thursday, 8 October 2009

Events on Tenerife – Miss and Mister Tenerife 2009

Ever wondered whatever happened to beauty queen contests? In Tenerife they’ve never gone away and remain as much a part of the culture as pulling on a scarlet waistcoat and breeches and playing with your timple.
Every single fiesta in the smallest village holds a fiesta queen competition, but the big event on the beauty queen calendar is the Miss Tenerife competition.
And for anyone who thinks that beauty queen contests degrade women, there’s also a Mister Tenerife competition as well and believe me theirs balances out any amount of female beauty queen contests.

Saturday night is the turn of the 28 chicos competing for the title of Mister Tenerife.  Check out the candidates here. God, they’re brave lads. I’m still rolling about after reading the logo on their swimming trunks – who the hell thought that was a good idea?

On Sunday night 28 lovely chicas will slap on glam make-up and sport 70s style hair dos and strut their stuff in front of a panel of judges in historic La Laguna to compete for the coveted title. Have a look at the lovely line-up in their sparkly bikinis here. They get off much lighter than the lads if you ask me.

Location: Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna

Time: from 21.00 on 10th and 11th October

Entrance: Free

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