Thursday, 17 September 2009

Festivals on Tenerife – Santa Cruz Carnaval Theme 2010

The sharp eyed out there might just spot a continuity error here or at very least be experiencing a sensation of déjà vu.

Back in June we posted a picture of the winning carnaval poster and theme for the Santa Cruz Carnaval 2010 and very nice, if a tad surreal, it was too.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when this week Santa Cruz announced its theme for next year's Carnaval and, in best Monty Python fashion, it was a case of 'and now for something completely different.'

It seems that the theme is now 'Tenerife - History of the Carnaval'. In the photos accompanying this announcement, the ape in the glitzy bikini was nowhere to be seen, instead, in the reports I saw, was a completely new logo.

If I didn't have a picture of the damn ape with 'Carnaval 2010' splashed across it, I'd be thinking I was going off my chuffin' head by now, especially as the Spanish reports I've read make no mention of the tranny ape and previous Carnaval theme even though they reported it at the time!

So what I want to know is what happened to the ape? Was that just some sort of 'kid on' competition? Am I going loopy, or is living in Tenerife like living in some parallel universe where very little makes sense and the illogical rules? (Actually I know the answer to the last one)

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