Monday, 28 September 2009

Festivals on Tenerife – 7 Rockas Festival, La Laguna

An eclectic mix of activities awaits anyone who heads into La Laguna this Saturday. The ‘7 Rockas Festival’ is classed as a showcase for rock in its purest state (I’m guessing that you could probably replace ‘pure’ with ‘raw’ here); however, festival events also include master classes in drumming and guitar playing during the morning.

These are followed in the afternoon by air guitar (the one musical instrument that I can actually play), guitar hero, ‘juego de palo’ (traditional stick fighting – your guess is as good as mine about what that has to do with rock music), and rock hairdressers (if these are the same as the ones I’ve seen at Mueca in Puerto de la Cruz, they’re worth going to see just on their own).

The evening sees the real rocky part of the festival get underway with sets from the best rock bands from across the Canarian Archipeligo.
Bands include: Machango (La Palma), Blackened (Lanzarote), Cuerno Cabra & Alea Jacta (Fuerteventura) and Histeria, Nadien and Guerilla Urbana (Tenerife).

Wait a minute, there are some islands missing. I can understand there not being a band from San Borondón (nobody knows how to get in touch with them there), but what about Gran Canaria, La Gomera and El Hierro? Maybe they should rename it '5 Rockas Festival'.

Date: Saturday, 3rd October

Location: IES, Viera y Clavijo, La Laguna

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