Sunday, 1 February 2009

Carnaval on Tenerife – La Orotava

One of the biggest ‘secret’ Carnavals on Tenerife is the one in La Orotava. Often a lavish affair with productions which wouldn’t seem out of place on Broadway, it doesn’t attract as much attention as those in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz.

The theme this year is ‘Al son del Caribe’, (they are from the Caribbean?). I seem to remember last year’s involved pirates, so no doubt the Hans Zimmer soundtrack from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ will be blasting out over the La Orotava Valley again.

They do things a bit differently in La Orotava, instead of a mutant sardine being barbecued, they fry Saint Crispin.

GRAN COSO APOTEOSIS DEL CARNAVAL: 24th February; 16.30 from the Cruz del Teide to Plaza de la Paz

ENTIERRO Y QUEMA DE CRISPÍN: 25th February; 21.00; from the municipal stadium to Plaza de la Constitución

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Admin said...

Would like to suggest an alternative interpretation to your translation of "Al son del Caribe". I'm pretty sure that the son they are using in this context is Son Cubano, so it would be "To the [rhythm of the Cuban] son of the Carribean."

Real Tenerife said...

That makes more sense.

Why don't they just bloody say 'ritmo'!!!:)