Thursday, 12 February 2009

Carnaval on Tenerife - La Laguna

I just love La Laguna’s ‘Carnaval’ poster and theme, ‘The Legend of Count Dracula’. The city’s old atmospheric streets are perfect for a bit of cape swirling and its shadowy corners ideal for lurking vampires. I’m willing to bet there’ll also be plenty of neck biting going on as well. The main celebrations take place in the La Verdellada district.

Main Dates

Election of the Carnaval King: Saturday 21st February, 18.00, Plaza Mayor
Election of the Carnaval Queen: Sunday 22nd February, 20.00, Plaza Mayor
Carnaval Parade: Monday 23rd February, 17.00
Festival de Piñata: Friday 27th February
Burial of the Sardine: Saturday 28th February

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