Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas on Tenerife – Santa Cruz

This Christmas the streets of Santa Cruz will be filled with music as there are live performances nearly every night at 7pm and Christmas concerts at the weekends.  If you enjoy a bit of outdoor sax (I said sax before anyone gets too excited), head along to Plaza del Chicharro at 7pm on the 16th December. With theatre and dance performances in the city's plazas throughout the month the capital is set to resemble the scene of a musical all over the festive season. Don’t forget to check out the belén in the town hall, or to pick up some last minute gifts (if you’re handing over pressies on Christmas Day rather than Tres Reyes) at the Christmas market at Avenida Marítima from the 21st December.

The big events in Santa Cruz are, as always, the Christmas Day concert held at the port at 10pm (although the ayuntamiento haven’t mentioned it in their agenda this year even though they have a generic entry for it on their web site as does the Port authorities, but as this is Tenerife who knows if it’s happening or not); the big end of year party on New Year’s Eve from 11pm in Calle La Noría (is there a more picturesque setting on Tenerife to see out the old year?); and party time in CD Tenerife’s football stadium as the Tres Reyes hit town in style on the 5th January at 5pm.

Check out the full agenda here (in Spanish).

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