Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Events on Tenerife - ExpoInfancia 2009, Children’s Fair in Santa Cruz

If anything to do with rugrats makes you go all goo-goo, gaa-gaa then you might be interested in hearing about ExpoInfancia 2009 at the Recinto Ferial (Trade Fair Centre) in Santa Cruz.

The fair covers everything to do with children from clothes to wear when they’re a bulge in the belly to changing the classy sports car for a boring family model and decorating their rooms to arranging parties – I’m not sure if there are any stalls dedicated to how to get rid of them when they’re still a drain on finances long after they should have flown the coop.

If you’re like me and subscribe to the W.C Fields approach to kiddiewinkles, then you’ll probably have something better to do during the 3 days of the fair.

Dates: 20th to 22nd November

Times: 11.00 to 21.00


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