Monday, 20 July 2009

Tenerife Carnaval - Puerto de la Cruz Carnaval 2010

The theme for next year’s carnival in Puerto de la Cruz has jus been announced – it’s ‘Tierra de Volcanes’ (Land of Volcanoes).

I’m not sure what scope that gives for dressing up, but no doubt we’ll be seeing lots of cavemen and cavewomen in furry Speedos and bikinis again.

Here’s a reminder of the Puerto de la Cruz ‘Carnaval’ key dates:

Opening Parade: Saturday 13th February 2010

Burial of the Sardine: Wednesday 17th February 2010

Mascarita Ponte Tacón (High Heels Drag Marathon): Friday 19th February 2010

Closing Parade: Saturday 20th February 2010

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